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We know how important it is to keep using all the tools that help you to grow your business. KickAppBuilder integrates with all major tools for payment systems, shopping cart, promotion & communication, social media, ad systems


GPS & Maps

Take advantage of native features related to
GPS location services on device.
Grow your business using cutting edge
Locations & Maps technologies for iOS and
Android apps. Use such features like:
GPS Check-In, In-App Maps, Location
Finder, GPS Coupon,Nearby Locations.

In-App Chat

In-app chat refers to a way, back-and-forth
conversation that a user can have inside
your app with another users.
This way you create a stronger community
of users who can share their experience


AdMob, DFP, iAd, RevMob, PollFish is an easy
way to monetize mobile apps with in-app advertising.

Video & Streaming

Add videos via URL, YouTube, Vimeo, YouKu,
Dailymotion, Brightcove, Ooyala, an mRSS feed,
or import from a YouTube channel.


Make use of amazing features like: 360 photo viewer,
Instagram, Flickr, Slide Show, Mosaic, Image List.


Monitor & take care your health. Taking advantage
of HealthKit, your users get an easy‑to‑read
dashboard of their health and fitness data.

HTML5 & PhoneGap

Create experiences for multiple platforms with a
single codebase so you can reach your audience
no matter their device. Build amazing mobile
apps powered by open web technologies: HTML,
CSS, Javascript, jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap

RSS Sync

Add news posts automatically via RSS feed,
Twitter account, or Google News keywords.
Customize each item's title, details, artwork,
date & time, and HTML story content.
Promote your blog, Facebook, Google pages.
Keep your app users updated with all the
latest news about your business.

QR Code

QR Codes Share Your Story in a Single Graphic.
QR codes in marketing are just starting to gain
traction, be an early adopter. Enriches your
app with powerful QR code features like:
QR Code Scanner, QR Code Coupon, QR Code List.

Mobile Store & Shopping

Power your online in-app store with our secure,
all-in-one shopping cart solution. Process
payments with PayPal, Authorize.Net,
increase sales, and manage your entire flow.

In-App Games

Add more entertainment in your app using
In-App Games like: Puzzle, Memo, Bike Game,
Throw Game, Karaoke. Create your own
games using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery
Mobile by providing your users unique experience.

Music & Radio

Upload your audio content in Cloud and stream
to your users. Enhance your app by using Native
Music Player, Radio Streaming, Karaoke, Spotify

Social Networks

Add more interactivity in your app by using Facebook,
Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube. Create amazing
experience among your app users and promote your
brand to a wider audience. Your users can connect
with Facebook, Google and chat with each other in
real time in an auto-refreshing In-App chat, it is far
more that just a Fan Wall.

Push Notifications

Reach Your Entire Mobile App Audience.
70% of apps are deleted less than a month
after install, because users don't
know how to use them, or simply forget.
KickAppBuilder Push lets you give them
reasons to come back.



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Your app is guaranteed to get success, that's why we stand behind every app with our 6-Month Success Guarantee. Start building your own app for FREE, you start paying when you publish your apps in the app stores.


Boosting Features

We offer you the best tools to boost your sales, notify and engage users, schedule events, find locations, serve up multimedia content and more.


Easy App Building

Simplicity of creating mobile applications, with rich content, in a record time, with less effort, money and no programming knowledge - our solution in one platform.


Low Price Guarantee

High quality, lowest price. Isn't it a gift? Want more? To get started we offer you a FREE trial for unlimited time. No credit card required.


No Coding Skills Required

KickAppBuilder is so easy to use, anyone can do it. Just think of app like a puzzle. Using our CMS you open a powerful set of puzzle pieces to create your own apps with ease.


Tools for Connecting

Encourage your customers to interact and share experiences using your apps. Use such features like: In-App Chat, Reward Loyalty to create a strong customer engagement strategy will foster brand growth and loyalty.


Multi-Concept Live Preview

You can create, preview and test your apps directly from our iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle previewer apps. Our powerful platform includes also a WYSIWYG app editor which is in SYNC with your apps in the Cloud.


Professional Guidance

Whenever you need our help we are just one click away. Connect with us on the most convenient channels: Live Chat, Support Ticket, Email or call us.


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Start building your own apps for FREE! We cover every app with our 6-Month Success Guarantee. We are so proud about quality of our products and services, that's why we stand behind with our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

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