The new way of building mobile apps.

Creating mobile apps without code is faster, easier and more affordable. Just select from one of our starter templates, modify anything you need and launch within days!


Have a great App Idea? Turn it easy into reality.

You know your business better than anyone else. You should be able to create and manage the processes that drive it, no matter if you can code or not.

Use our intuitive dashboard that makes even complicated processes seem easy. You can take control of every detail without any support.

Get straight to building apps

Setting up, operating and maintaining your own platform is not where the race is won.
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KickApp Builder take care of all those complicated parts so you can avoid the risk and complexity, and dedicate your energy to what really matters: building great apps.

The Benefits to Your Customers

More Calls

Enable your clients’ customers to get in touch with them in one click.

More Visits

Drive foot traffic for your customers. Provide directions right to an SMB’s front door.

More Engagement

Send messages to your clients’ customers, even when they’re not on the website.

Test your app in real time on any devices

KickApp Builder lets you see the apps you create on your device in seconds while you’re creating it. Simply download one of the Previewer apps using your account and start testing out your native app.

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What kind of Apps you can build?

Native Apps

Native apps are written for specific operating systems like Android or iOS and can hence offer superior user experience by taking advantage of system features.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are primarily developed using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript and the main difference is that they reside on a web server.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps combine the best of both web and app. Users don’t need to install an appand the app loads lightning fast on a browser.

Why Choose KickApp Builder No Code Solution?

We believe that App Building was meant to be this simple.
Don't Compromise

No code platform is a game-changer in developing apps for your business

Save real money

Custom programming can cost as much as $25,000

Drag and Drop

Create awesome mobile apps with a few clicks

Shrink Development Time

Go from months to hours and see results instantly

Exponential Productivity

Adding new features to your app is one click away

Low Maintenance

No code means no stress with our safe and secure platform

No payment required to start editing your app. Try it free and see if it works for you.

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